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How many sales do you have a year? We allow for 2 sales a month between March and October.


Are you insured? Yes but we do also require proof of current homeowners insurance.


Do you collect tax? Yes, we do. 


Do you have referrals we can call? Yes, we will be happy to provide you with the contact information upon request.


How do you advertise? We utilize Instagram,, Facebook Marketplace and our mailing list. These services are provided at no additional cost to you.  We also include street signs to alert local drivers.


How long does it take to set up a sale? We generally like 3 weeks to allow for adequate marketing, set up and advertising. 


How do we start? We ask that you submit pictures of the home so we can determine if there is enough to have a sale.  If so, we will stop out to meet and answer any questions you may have. 


What if we don't have enough to have a sale? We are able to customize services based on your needs.  We can offer a standard sale, arrange sales by appointment or offer a cleanout so you can get your house up on the market ASAP. 


Can we be at the sale? We know how hard it can be to watch strangers purchase beloved possessions, so we ask you to leave the job for us to handle without the presence of the family.


How long will the estate sale last? We offer 2-3 day sales depending on the contents in the home.


What access do you need and when? At the time a contract is signed, we ask for a key and or combination to begin our process. We ask that nothing be removed unless it has been discussed at the time of the contract being signed.  If items are being removed or contractors/3rd party individuals are entering the home, we reserve the right to change the lock at your cost.


Do you provide an inventory of goods sold? If we decide to utilize an online auction or auction house, you will receive a breakdown of items sold.  You will receive a daily net sales break down 15 days after the conclusion of a standard sale. 


Do you offer pre-sales? Yes, when dealing with large furniture or unique items requiring a wider audience, we find that having more time to allow for pick up and delivery results in a more successful sale.


Do you bring shelves or tables? Yes, we arrange for tables, shelving and clothing racks to be set up for displaying contents of home. 


Do you price everything? No, we price some items by category and others individually.  We find other bulk or hard to sell items are best left for the buyer to make an offer. 

What forms of payment do you accept? Due to service charges and chargeback scams, we have decided to accept cash or Venmo. 

What happens to the items after the estate sale is over? We can leave what is left in the house for you to dispose of or you can add a cleanout service to your sale.  

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